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About US

I started delegateIT because getting business was a big challenge for many business person. In the age of Internet puting your business online and attracting good paying customer is a big challange.

That is where I had a solution to the above said challenge.
Building a Business Kit which provides Website, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, Branding and many more. We help you to reduce your headache of business branding and you can concentrate at what you are good at  

Website Designing
Digital Marketing in Mumbai

Who we are?


We are Brand Developer, We help companies to develop them as a brand and grow there customer base. 

Social Media Marketing

What we do?


We build Impressive Websites, Handle Social Media accounts, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Corporate Training. 

Why Choose us?


We are market leaders, with talented team who are experts in there domain.

We're a team that delivers.

Digital Agencies provide a good range of services including Website Development, Branding, Designing, Application Development, Digital Marketing, Social Media Engagement and far more. We concentrate on building digital strategies that will help your business grow online and in the real world.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver digital services in designing, development, and marketing to our clients. We attempt to achieve the excellent experience for our clients by understanding their needs and wants. We are not limited to just one area of expertise, but to bring multiple solutions to solve our clients challenges. We aim how well we can execute project keeping clients profits in mind.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to build business around customer centric offerings in a sector that is ever changing. We want to increase our customers base while still offering each client outstanding service. By doing this, we are furthering our vision of success. And through our growth, we will be able to get closer to achieving our goals and attain prosperity. We want to grow in to successful digital agencies that continually seeks out new opportunities and enhance their service offerings while adhering to their mission and values.

Need of Hour


We believe in an efficient, structured and innovative process that lets us deliver outstanding results on time. We’re passionate about project management, personnel management, and client support.

Add something valuable

Value Creation

We believe that ethical business practices which are a cornerstone of our company’s success. By building a unique value proposition and long-lasting relationships with our customers, we help optimize profitability while also generating value in the form of better customer experiences.

Professional Values

Professionalism Approch

DelegatIT is a professional service provider in the IT sector. It has been in the business for over 13 years now and has been an iching towards industry leader for its strong focus on customer satisfaction and continuous innovation. Supported by a group of like-minded individuals, DelegatIT believes in inclusive growth and sustainable strategy to make you win big.

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